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There are six types of adoptions in Georgia. They are:

1) Adoptions by foreign degree : The child has already been adopted in another county. The child must      have a valid visa.

2) Adoption by relative (s) : An aunt, uncle, great grandparent, great-grandparent, great aunt, great uncle      or a sister of brother of child adopts the child. The child may be related to the person adopting the child      either by blood or marriage.

3) Adoption by third party : Someone who is not a stepparent or relative adopts the child. These adoptions      do not involve an agency.

4) Adult adoption : The person to be adopted is over the age of 18.

5) Public or private agency adoption : The state or a private agency places the child with the adoptive      parent (s).

6) Stepparent adoption : A stepparent adopts the child.

Lunn Law LLC predominately handles step-parent adoptions. In such cases, a biological parent has married and the step-parent desires to become a legal parent to his/her spouses biological child. In step-parent adoptions, if granted, the court terminates the parental rights of the other biological parent. In some cases, our law firm also assists biological parents whose parental rights are being threatened by a step-parent adoption.

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